problem with dynamic pools

Robby Dermody robbyd at
Fri Oct 12 14:44:29 UTC 2007

First off, I'd like to thank Jonty and Todd for posting their request_url
proxy plugins. That was a great help!

I seem to have a problem with using dynamic pools under 1.59. To get the
simplest testcase, I have a reverse_proxy set up that uses them, like so:

  #POOL mypool ADD
  SET nodefile = /var/lib/server-list.dat
  SET balance_method = random

  SET listen          =
  SET role            = reverse_proxy
  SET pool            = mypool
  SET enable_reproxy  = false
  SET persist_backend = true
  SET verify_backend  = false #may not work with lighttpd
ENABLE my_svc

In the /var/lib/server-list.dat file we have:

Now I can start perlbal and access 60002 fine and it works, the resultant
webpage shows fine. I can even stick a second server entry in
there and that seems to work. (From the source code it looks like it's
reloading the file every 3 seconds.) And, when I remove the server entry, my
requests start to time out, as would be expected. My problem seems to be
that when I add a server entry back in, the requests still time out. Things
don't work again.

I may be doing something wrong here or not understanding things. Any


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