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J Davis mrsalty0 at
Tue Oct 16 19:22:36 UTC 2007


I've just installed a test instance of Perlbal 1.59 from CPAN. I intend to
use it to add load balancing and high availability to an IIS/ColdFusion
site. My initial impression is that it works wonderfully. My question is
about the options available for determining the health of the nodes in a
reverse_proxy pool. I see from the docs that when "verify_backend" is on
Perlbal will perform a quick OPTIONS request on the nodes. Is there any way
to add additional tests so that, for instance, a nodes DB connectivity might
be verified by checking the content of an http request?

If not, is this something that might be accomplished using a secondary app
to monitor the nodes and update Perlbal on the fly?

I have some ideas about how this might be accomplished but advice and
recommendations from folks who may have experience with this would be
greatly appreciated.

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