node health

Brett Hoerner bh at
Wed Oct 17 14:42:57 UTC 2007

On Oct 16, 2007, at Oct16, 3:58:26PM, dormando wrote:
> OPTIONS is only ran when perlbal first connects to an individual  
> apache process, so it's not used for the client side service. For  
> each keepalive request it'll just blind forward. It's better to  
> have a health check service for the (often rarer) case of the code  
> on an individual machine exploding.

Right, OPTIONS is only run once per backend in the POOL, but if I'm  
reading (and testing) it correctly it doesn't run until a user hits  
Perlbal and Perlbal looks for a backend to serve the request, so the  
first user(s) to request when Perlbal still has unverified backends  
will have to wait for the OPTIONS to come back... which is fast, but  
his more-intense App-DB check could block for longer.

I still agree that nodelist is the best bet.


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