When/how is Plugin->register called?

Matthew Pitts mpitts at a3its.com
Wed Oct 24 18:59:53 UTC 2007

Can anyone shine some light on this for me? I'm trying to write a Plugin
and can't figure out when and how my plugin's register method is called.

I've looked at some other plugins (stats and vhosts) and even created my
own copies of each with die statements as the first line in the
'register' method to glean some information about the flow, but I never
got any dies or error messages.

I've also found a section in Service->set to handle the 'plugins' key,
which calls each plugin's register method, but I can't figure out under
what context the Service->set method is called.

Thanks for the help!

Matthew W. Pitts
Software Engineer
mpitts at a3its.com
336.202.3913 (mobile)

A3 IT Solutions, LLC

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