EPP Backend or Plugin

David Jonas djonas at vitalwerks.com
Thu Oct 25 18:59:34 UTC 2007

Thanks for the excellent software.

I'm considering adding an EPP reverse proxy backend/plugin to perlbal
and was curious as to what I'd be in for. Here are my requirements:

* Maintain multiple SSL connections to registry
* New connection sends login frame to registry
* Closing connection (due to ttl, whatever) sends logout frame
* Login/logout frames from local clients are ignored/dropped

Can this be implemented as just a plugin? I looked at the echo service
and it seems pretty easy to read/write data locally, but maintaining a
connection seems more troublesome. Is there an example I can follow? Is
this a reasonable thing for perlbal to do, or should I roll my own

Thanks for the help.

Vitalwerks, LLC

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