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Mark Smith smitty at
Tue Oct 30 17:48:40 UTC 2007

> So I'm giving Perlbal a taste of some production traffic, and I've
> basically topped out at 40Mbit/s and 700req/s. [...]
> Is this the performance level I should expect? Or am I doing something
> wrong?

You have less clients in persist_wait than I'd expect, but the rest of it
looks normal.  Running two on one box like that is fine IIRC Hyper-Threading
is fine for this sort of application (two heavy CPU processes, but the same
ones, so they have shared memory?).  Would be interesting to just try it
with one process and see if you get significantly more requests through.

Anyway, I seem to recall on LiveJournal we were running ~500 requests/second
through similarly configured setups before deciding to get more machines so
as not to max out the CPUs.  Alan or somebody else might be able to provide
more up to date numbers, but this doesn't sound too wrong.  :)

If you're concerned about the speed, it'd be worth analyzing the type of
traffic you're sending at it, as well as the configuration you're running.
Maximize persistent connections, especially to backend servers, etc.  Would
have to know more about your traffic/config to give more advice here though.

Mark Smith / xb95
smitty at
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