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Mark Smith smitty at
Wed Oct 31 07:04:13 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the advice. I dropped my connect_ahead down to 10 and left
> backend_persist_cache at 20. CPU usage seems to have dropped about 10-20%.

Wow, that's far more than I expected!  Good to know.  :)

I don't have perlbal serving any static resources yet. Since only some
> servers are behind Perlbal, we haven't made any application changes yet to
> make better use of Perlbal but that is definitely something I'll be checking
> out. One thing I'm confused about though in regards to the static serving,
> is the whole Linux::AIO vs IO::AIO thing. Is one better than the other? Or
> are they actually the same thing? I have IO::AIO installed, but basically
> being unused so far since Perlbal is not serving any static content.

Linux::AIO is the predecessor to IO::AIO.  The former used to be what worked
reliably while the latter was maturing, but now that it's mature, there's no
reason to use anything other than IO::AIO.

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