Perlbal bug: Race condition with web_server role in _serve_request

Jeremy James jbj at
Wed Sep 12 11:48:12 UTC 2007

Jeremy James wrote:
> We've bypassed the problem for now (reproxying affected files from
> apache), but will work on a patch soon - opening the file first, then
> call stat on the filehandle, obviously taking care to handle notfound
> and directory cases.

On Dormando's prodding, here's a patch that we've been using in
production for the last week with no obvious issues. It also fixes a
minor bug that a request for a non-file or directory (eg. a fifo or a
device node) would cause the server to hang until timeout with a 500
Internal Server Error. These now return 403 Forbidden errors directly.

We're running a slightly older version of perlbal, 1.57, but this patch
should be fine against a current version of (svn 697),
albeit with -2 line offsets.


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