Contributing to the Perlbal SVN repository

dormando dormando at
Fri Sep 14 22:58:26 UTC 2007


Great to hear! :) I/we look forward to seeing your contributions.

Please go ahead and just send your patches to the list. The more you 
break up patches into individual changes the easier it'll be for us to 
review and get them applied. The "one big patch" approach makes it hard 
for us to review, and the whole thing might be rejected when only a few 
logically separate changes have issues.

There's a page about committing to danga projects here:
(which I should probably try following sometime...)

The basic idea being; submit your patches while following those 
guidelines as close as you can, and after a few good fixes you'll 
probably be blessed with commit access.


Kevin Olson wrote:
> We've been doing a bit of work at my company on Perlbal, in terms of adding
> functionality and documentation.  We'd like to be able to contribute some of
> these additions back to the perlbal community.  Anyone know the policy for
> contributing to the perlbal svn repository?

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