perlbal(reverse proxy role) timing out for slow 'reproxy' backends

Hemant Bist hemant_bist at
Mon Sep 17 06:02:08 UTC 2007

Hi, I have perlbal running in reverse proxy role. I have a case, where the
backend mod_perl servers redirect the the perlbal (via X-REPROXY-URL
header)  to a server that takes around 2 min to serve all the
data to the browser. I am consistenly getting timeout in less than min in
such case.

Changing the max_idle_time in to return 180 seems to fix
the problem for me. (But I am not sure if it also increases the timeout for
the persistent browser connections to 180 sec)

Is this a known bug/behaviour. Or something that I only I am noticing.

I see a patch from Justin to configure the timeout per service  in this
 Is it to workaround this bug?

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