Mark Smith smitty at
Tue Apr 1 22:51:52 UTC 2008

> AFAIK, perlbal actually only supports the "random" load-balancing algorithm.
> I've never actually tried using round-robin, but the last time I was in the
> source-code I thought I remember there being code to throw an error if
> anything other than "random" was specified.

Yeah, it's random.  At one point I wrote a patch to make weighted
random, but  never got it committed...

The logic is that this is all you need, really.  Once you have
verify_backend and persistent_backend (or whatever the names are)
turned on, you can just tune MaxServers or your server's equivalent
and go to town.  Perlbal will ramp up the connections and keep them
filled with traffic.

Round robin doesn't really solve anything in a web environment unless
you can guarantee that all requests cost the same to process.  I don't
know that I've ever seen a situation in which I thought it'd be a good
idea.  (Not to say they don't exist!  Just they seem rare.)

Mark Smith / xb95
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