Yet another sticky/persistent sessions question

Mathew Snyder mathew.snyder at
Thu Apr 24 17:47:17 UTC 2008

 From what I've read sticky sessions seem less ideal than distributed 
session management.  I've pitched the idea but I think they are more 
inclined to keep doing what they are doing and maintain sticky sessions 
as the method of choice.  I don't know why they prefer that over DSM but 
ce la vie.


dormando wrote:
> A philosophy on perlbal (and the danga stack in general) is that sticky 
> sessions are entirely wrong. A client request _must_ go where there are 
> resources free, not where it feels comfortable going.
> This is reflected in the most of the danga stack:
> perlbal disconnects requests from backends, can send anywhere while 
> making use of persistent connections on both ends.
> memcached distributes caches to any number of machines...
> mogilefs puts storage into a cloud via lookup service (that's also not 
> sticky)
> gearman disconnects remote workers from clients in several ways.
> etc.
> I just can't find good reasons for sticky sessions anymore :) It's just 
> not an even method of scaling.
> -Dormando

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