perlbal service providing mixed roles

Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Tue Feb 5 14:00:17 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've just started playing around with perlbal in the hope that we can
replace our current proxying/rewriting apache with perlbal (or
possibly lighttpd).

My "Cunning Plan" is to move url rewriting to the mod_perl servers,
and proxying to perlbal, while allowing perlbal to serve static
content for specific paths directly.

So far I can proxy (with funky reproxying, hopefully), or serve
content hot and fresh from IO:AIO but I'd like to do both at the same
time in the same service (or at least same port/virtualhost), I gave
it a go, and it kind of worked - it was painfully slow, presumably
because it was trying and failing to proxy (what with the apache it
was proxying to not being started, so I could check how things were
working) and falling back to serve from disk, whereas I'd like it to
try the other way around, or even proxy specific paths ala apache's

I'd like to avoid a) adding more layers of proxying, b) to-ing and
fro-ing between perlbal and apache/modperl and c) reproxying stuff
that perlbal could serve directly without bothering apache/modperl.

I'm wondering if I'm going about this the wrong way - I can't see
anything in the docs or config directories that allow you to define
behaviour by url, only host:port.


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