Seeking pool-parameters.txt

dormando dormando at
Fri Feb 15 08:21:05 UTC 2008

Was curious.

set pool nodefile = 'path/to/file'
... sets the file to autoload nodes from.

set pool nodefile = none (or undef, or null, or "", or '')
... unsets the nodefile, but does not unload current members.

set pool balance_method = 'random'
... sets the load balancing method to 'random', which is all there is!

Hmm, I'll turn this into a patch later :) Depressingly little here.


Andrew Sweger wrote:
> The doc/config-guide.txt file recommends seeing pool-parameters.txt for
> details on the "set [<pool>] <param> = <value>" command. But I am at a
> loss to find this file or any other mention of it in the source. This file
> appears to be mentioned as far back as version 1.38. But it does not
> appear to be mentioned in the svn logs anywhere, so the file does not seem
> to exist (ever). Is there any more to it than the nodefile parameter
> demonstrated in the example configs?

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