Running multiple perlbal instances

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Thu Jan 31 23:47:25 UTC 2008

On Jan 31, 2008, at 15:34, Adam Jacob wrote:

> Wanted to second this last bit re: LVS.  We got a totally terrifying
> HA LVS/Keepalived setup working with the real servers running on the
> same hosts, and it worked, most of the time, except when it didn't. :)

On a vaguely related note:  I've taken to always setting up those sort  
of services on separate hosts; sometimes just Xen hosts on another  
box, but always by themselves.   Xen or KVM "boxes" are great for  
things that don't need too much memory or disk I/O but want to "take  
over the box".

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