doing a graceful restart

Mark Smith smitty at
Wed Jun 11 16:26:26 UTC 2008

> it's working great (we've only one machine, and we've greatly increased
> throughput), but I have one big question (two, indeed :P):

Glad to hear!
> - is there a way to make perlbal reread the config file without shuting
>  it down?

No, there is not.  Typically if you're making changes you can just
make them on the management console too, though, but restarting is
probably easy.  The trick to it is to simulate a graceful restart by
doing so mething like this:

$ cat
echo "shutdown graceful" | nc localhost 6055
/usr/local/bin/perlbal --conf=/etc/perlbal.conf

The idea is that you tell the old Perlbal to do a graceful shutdown.
This immediately closes all of the listening sockets, so new
connections are not accepted.  As soon as that's done (which is
instant) then you can start up a new Perlbal.  This gives you a
minimum of downtime that can be measured on the order of milliseconds
(the time it takes for the new Perlbal to start up).

> and that lead me to look more into the management console, but I found
> myself no docs about it. Is there any documentation for it apart from
> the code?

Uh... not really.  :(

Documentation is the #1 problem with Perlbal.  And still nobody has
found the time to write any.  Sorry.  :(

Mark Smith / xb95
smitty at

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