Fedora Core + 5.10 + perlbal

Mark Smith smitty at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 21:32:33 UTC 2008

>  > Over on p5p we've been working for a couple of weeks to make all the
>  > modules that are bundled with Fedora Core pass their tests with Perl
>  > 5.10.
>  >
>  > The last remaining module that doesn't pass on 5.10 is perlbal :)
>  >
>  > We've got just a few more days to get 5.10 in the next Fedora Core
>  > release.
>  >
>  > Has anyone had a look at getting it working with 5.10? Anything I
>  > can do to help?
>  Update from Red Hat: perlbal isn't a show stopper. Which is both good
>  news and bad news. On the one hand it means 5.10 will get into Fedora
>  Core, on the other and it means that perlbal won't be included if it
>  can't be made to work on 5.10.

I don't *think* anybody has really looked at this.  Honestly I've not
done anything with 5.10 yet, I don't know what the changes are that
are required to get this working under it.

What doesn't work?   Is it failing tests?  Epoll/syscall stuff?

Mark Smith / xb95
smitty at gmail.com

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