Announce: Perlbal version 1.70

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun Mar 9 04:30:11 UTC 2008

At long last, a new version of Perlbal....

1.70: 2008-03-08

    -- SECURITY: patch from Jeremey James <jbj at> to not crash
       on zero byte chunked upload when buffered uploads are enabled.

    -- on successful write, update Perlbal::Socket's alive_time, so slowly
       reproxied writes don't timeout the connection and kill it.  Patch
       from Jonty <jonty at>.  r765

    -- Perl 5.10 support.  Patch from Andy Armstrong <andy at>.
       Disclaimer: at least the tests all pass now, but no real-world use
       Should be fine, though.  Please report your success to the mailing
       and/or brad at

    -- Add Include plugin by Eamon Daly <edaly at>; plugin
       allows you to use "INCLUDE = /etc/conf.d/*" or "INCLUDE = /foo.conf"
       to bring in more config; can be nested.

    -- SECURITY: Previously a single upward directory traversal was possible
       when concat get was enabled. This behavior has been fixed in code to
       match with standard file serving.

    -- Fix 'No such pseudo-hash field "high_priority"' issue in Stats plugin
       (Eamon Daly and Jonty Wareing)

    -- Support for "anonymous services", for API callers that really don't
       care what their service is called but just want to get hold of a
       Service object. These aren't really anonymous, but they have suitably
       ugly names that no sane human should ever conflict with them.

    -- add some new methods that make it a little nicer to embed Perlbal
       in another application that uses Danga::Socket. Some refactoring
       was done to avoid duplicate code between the "end-user" way and the
       API way.

    -- Chained selectors.  from Jeremy James <jbj at>.

    -- add "cgilike" plugin which offers a simple API very loosely based on
       mod_perl for handling responses

    -- add HTTPHeaders method set_request_uri so plugins can modify the uri
       being requested

    -- access control test

    -- add option to AccessControl plugin to use observed_ip_string instead

    -- add observed_ip_string method to perlbal sockets, allowing http
       connections to set an observed ip string when an upstream proxy is

    -- add blind_proxy option, which disables appending to the end of the
       X-Forwarded-For header when connections arrive from a trusted proxy.

    -- make socket closing more verbose when Perlbal::DEBUG is set

    -- verify_backend_path configuration option

    -- don't overwrite $^P, allows use of perl debugger on perlbal.
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