perlbal reverse-proxy to apache+mod_php for slow clients

dormando dormando at
Wed Mar 19 18:28:47 UTC 2008

That's pretty odd, since perlbal should (naturally) be buffering your 

What's the average size of the response? Over 64k? Under? Are you using 
backend keepalives?

Any way you can verify if a chunk of the response is read before perlbal 
switches to slowly reading the response from apache?

If we can confirm that it works at all, it may just need to be changed 
to have an adjustable read buffer value...


Hendra wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm new to Perlbal and would like to know how, if I can use it to do the 
> below.
> The basic setup that I've achieved:
> - PHP application on Apache+mod_php as backend
> - Perlbal reverse-proxy to Apache
> Now, the we're getting about 1000 concurrent connection /second, all 
> from slow clients, basically our own mobile app  calling the php scripts 
> via GPRS.
> I did some tuning on  Apache for this but eventually it will ran out of 
> memory spawning so many child processes while serving each slow client.
> My question is, can I use Perlbal to send the, php requests to Apache 
> running on the same box, cache the particular result and free up the 
> apache process, and slowly serve the clients from it. Note that each php 
> call from each client is unique, so it's no so much about caching of 
> same request. What I'm trying to achieve is recycling Apache threads as 
> soon as possible assuming that Perlbal (acting on behalf of the client) 
> will connect to Apache faster than the mobile clients.
> If this is possible, how do I configure Perlbal to do this? Anything 
> specific on Apache config to make it work seamlessly? I've tried using 
> the buffer_size and buffer_backend_connect, but these didn't give the 
> desired effect.
> Any comment will be very much appreciated ;)

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