perlbal debug levels

dormando dormando at
Tue Mar 25 17:07:30 UTC 2008

You'll get a _lot_ of noise. I think.

Usually perlbal's at least a little noisy about crashes. Are you not
logging STDERR?

Can you try 1.70? There were a number of important fixes inbetween 1.60
and 1.70, and would help narrow it down a lot.


Aaron Trevena wrote:
> Hi all,
> Do we have any documentation / info on perlbal debug levels beyond
> reading through the code.
> I have 2 webservers running perlbal with an average of 200 to 300
> concurrent requests at any given time during the working day and we
> keep on experiencing silent crash or failure to respond (even on mgmt
> port).
> This is about twice a day, I can't replicate this outside of the live
> environment without a lot of work and was hoping I could incrementally
> increase the debug level, but with that level of traffic on a live
> site I don't want to bog it down logging (especially if there is so
> much information, I can't find the problem).
> So how much noise to expect from debug level of 1 vs 3 ?
> Any other advice welcome.
> We're running 1.60 from cpan, with patch to catch empty ip / missing
> socket due to hitting ip_conntrack limits.
> I'm thinking of applying the "Perlbal bug: Race condition with
> web_server role in _serve_request" patch, but I'm unsure if that's
> actually the problem.
> A.

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