perlbal debug levels

dormando dormando at
Tue Mar 25 19:51:50 UTC 2008

> It's running using --daemon andusing syslog, probably worth
> redirecting stderr - I'll try that.

If perlbal starts wonking out one, I'll run it in a screen session in 
the foreground with both outputs redirected. Actually I ran it in a 
wrapper which restarted it after 30 seconds and shoveled stdout/stderr 
and restart times into syslog. Either works, so long as you can get the 
stdout/stderr from perlbal during the crash.

>>  Can you try 1.70? There were a number of important fixes inbetween 1.60
>>  and 1.70, and would help narrow it down a lot.
> Sorry, I meant 1.70 :)

Damn :)


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