Multiple Proxy Requests

Nathan Kurz nate at
Thu May 22 02:31:15 UTC 2008

I'm new to  Perlbal, and considering using it aggregate the results of
multiple parallel HTTP requests.   The application would be part of a
distributed search engine.  A request comes in, and instead of
proxying it to a single backend, I would make simultaneous requests to
one server from each of a dozen or so pools.  Then I collate the
results, and send the processed results back to the original client.

Does this seem like a good fit for Perlbal?  Would the plugin
architecture allow this sort of thing?

Looking back through the archives, I found a somewhat similar question
from last year
( where
it was suggested to use Gearman.  Does this advice still apply?  It
feels like there should be some way I can subvert the existing Perlbal
infrastructure to do this instead.


Nathan Kurz
nate at

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