meepbear * meepbear at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 1 06:23:11 PDT 2005

>Where can I find the webclient.class.php that meepbear's php consumer class
>calls? Is this something that bundles with php5?

It's not. It's a custom HTTP client class and I was supposed to have 
included but apparantly missed it, sorry.

Are you looking at the code as a guideline for your own implementation or to 
actually use as-is?
If it's the first then you might want to rely on the PEAR class (or libcurl 
if you can be sure it'll be there) since my HTTP client is really only "just 
good enough" to deal with the consumer->server part of OpenID :).
If you're planning on using the code then let me know because that version 
is out-of-date.

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