OpenID anonymous for LJ?

Zefiro work at
Fri Aug 5 07:37:09 PDT 2005

Hi, Brad...

I just noticed that OpenID is treated as being anonymous in LJ. So if a person refuses to get anonymous entries OpenID will be
blocked, too. Sure, everyone can have as many OpenIDs as they want to and it's potentially a bit easier than creating a free LJ
account. But I thought the idea was to have an identity, so not being anonymous any more.

I'd like to see LJ treating entrys with OpenID as being from registered users, not as being completely anonymous. Or perhaps
allow your users to have the choice how the want to have it BUT with this as default for new AND old accounts.

After giving it a bit of thought I chose to send this to the list, as other communities might have similar methods of dealing
with this issue and I would like to hear a few opinions about it.


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