OpenID anonymous for LJ?

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri Aug 5 16:44:59 PDT 2005

Mark Rafn wrote:
> Agreed.  Ideally, this would apply to ANY id, including other LJ users.
> Why I'd want a random just-registered LJ account to be able to post a
> comment but not an OpenID user is what I don't understand.

This is getting a little too LiveJournal-specific for this mailing list,
but okay...

"Real" LiveJournal users aren't allowed to leave comments until they've
validated an email address. While I guess that isn't really much more
difficult than getting a working OpenID identity, it does seem to reduce
the number of interlopers for some reason. Most of the undersirable
comments I see on LiveJournal are from anonymous posters in journals
where anonymous posting is allowed.

>> That said, there are a number of shortcomings in LiveJournal's OpenID
>> consumer support, but it's roughly where it'll end up.
> If you can add specific OpenID identities to friends lists and
> comment-allowed lists, and have the same granularity for LJ accounts,
> this seems ideal to me.

You can already add OpenID identities to your friends list as if they
were normal accounts. The only real difference between an OpenID account
and a regular account is that the journaltype field contains an I rather
than a P.

As for adding to "comment-allowed" lists, currently (for better or
worse) all trust relationships are handled by the single friends list.
If that is going to be changed, it'd likely be the long-promised
friend/watch/trust separation -- or at least something resembling it --
rather than a special case for commenting.

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