OpenID anonymous for LJ?

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri Aug 5 16:49:22 PDT 2005

Zefiro wrote:
>>And it'll definitely get more interesting when we have a reputation/trust layer atop
>>OpenID/LID/etc/etc which will be coming, and from multiple vendors/sites, it seems like.
> I'm not sure how I like this. Probably depends very much if this stays as free as OpenID is - i.e. ratings based on how you
> behave or how much you use your ID, not from which server it comes.

My idea here has always been something along the lines of a local rank.
>From your point of view, based on who you trust, and who they trust
(etc), what is the trust score of a given identity?

Your idea of trust, then, is based on the idea of trust from those
people you trust, which is a reasonable method in most cases. Another
similar approach is to trust those who vote similarly to you.

As long as the trust metric is different from each person's point of
view I can't see that there's a major problem with it remaining "free".
No single party is capable of manipulating everyone's relationships to
make them appear more trusted to the entire community.

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