OpenID anonymous for LJ?

Zefiro work at
Mon Aug 8 04:07:34 PDT 2005

Hi, Martin...

> What are we arguing about, again?
About the possibility to have a different setting regarding 'may post comments' for OpenID-users in contrast to completely
anonymous users. Currently in LJ I can choose between the three 'anonymous', 'registered users' and 'friends'. So assuming I
want to prevent spam, I set anonymous to off. But I'd still like to allow OpenID comments. We agree that they may as well be
spam, and that potentially LJ-registered accounts might be, too. It's just that currently it's impossible in LJ to set this

So when anonymous posts are disabled your example 'see how they comment, then add them to friends-list' wouldn't work from the

And I would like to see it implemented in a way that I, having an LJ-account, can gain just as much credibility/trustworthyness
with my cool '' OpenID which looks nice and can be used everywhere OpenID is supported as with my 'zefirodragon' LJ
user, which for LJ is a registered user, but for everywhere else is nothing (except for the not so nice looking OpenID version
of it).

I posted this to the OpenID-list instead of to LJ-folks directly because I wanted it to be discussed among general

So when Brad says he'll implement this differentiation feature and eventually add his web of trust - and other sites follow this
example - then I'm happy :)


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