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Jon-Pierre Gentil jgentil at sebistar.net
Wed Aug 17 07:49:57 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 17 August 2005 06:37 am, Alexey Khmara wrote:

> I'm not sure, if it's the correct place for my question, but I can't
> find better.
> I cannot understand, why bind a digital identity to particular URL? Why
> not use pair of PGP keys or something like this?

This has been answered on the list already, so I'll give an abbreviated 
version of it:  a URL points to a human readable resource that can 
identify a person by any number of means.  You can put your PGP key 
there, your picture, your resume, your biography, anything you want.  You 
learn very little about someone from an untrusted PGP key.  But a URL is 
generic enough to allow just about any http-served content to represent a 


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