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Thu Aug 18 07:03:01 PDT 2005

I replied and it went to one person only. I know you could set the
list to put the reply-to as the list address... right?

Here's what I had to say...

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From: Geekster <geekster at gmail.com>
Date: Aug 18, 2005 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: Why URL?
To: Zefiro [z]

> > But let's have a race:
> quite unfair race, with you having 8 million identities backing OpenID ;)

It's not a race. We're all on the SAME SIDE. :-)

The Open (source, id, knowledge...etc) movement will succeed more
readily when people learn that simple fact. Humanity as a whole is
interdependent on another, and competitive as we may be in this
current century, our fate is still one fate.


I say go build your PGP hack of Open ID and see what you can do. Put
down on a napkin, sketch it out and see what kinds of ideas you can
work through. K.I.S.S. and you'll be further ahead in the end.

When you have a framework planned out that uses OpenID's framework
with PGP on top, then post it and maybe coders will join your effort.

Alas 8 million users of OpenID is a big pool. It's freaking huge. So
draw from it. Some of those people will want to try your new PGP
enhanced ID system and if it's good enough, many will adopt it.

You see when dealing with the masses in general, you are dealing with
SPOILED BRATS. They have been given everything they have and they want
more. They don't want to pay money to be part of a trust system. Part
of the reason no other ID system has succeeded (mostly because the
others are trust systems (and who really trusts a corporation?)) is
because of the fact that the audience DOES NOT CARE ABOUT NUTS AND
BOLTS. They only care about smart systems that plug in and make their
lives easier. One error, one bug and they remove it and never trust it
again. Or they work around bugs/errors if they see equivalent value in
the system.

If your system is easy (seamless), has terrific form and function,
they'll adopt it in a heartbeat.

So this concludes my rant!


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