Fwd: Why URL?

Alexey Khmara wolf_stranger at mail.ru
Fri Aug 19 01:30:01 PDT 2005

I'm dropped writing of my identity scheme -  I found one serious reason
to use OpenID, not my variant. When I use OpenID, I must have control of
URL, and I don't need to trust to identity server. When I use PGP, I
don't need to have control of URL, but I need to have control or trust
to service that manages my PGP key. Of cource, I can use browser plugin
and don't use external identity server at all, but this variant adds
lots of troubles - I must install plugin and work on computer when my
private key installed. But with OpenID I can make all things easier - I
can take my own domain, place 1 page with redirection - to
livejournal.com or another identity server - and I have my identity
forever. It's not thing that most people will make - but it's
possibility for those, who want - just as dealing with PGP keys.

So, conclusion - if you want to be safe with OpenID - use your own
domain as your identity. You may use own or third-party identity server,
and it's safe. Please, correct me, if it's wrong.

Alexey Khmara

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