The world's first YADIS URLs?

Johannes Ernst at
Tue Dec 6 03:58:38 UTC 2005

Unless somebody tells me they were first and I just haven't heard  
about it yet, I'd like to announce the world's first YADIS URLs.

In fact, as of today, all of the URLs hosted by are YADIS- 
enabled, such as

Now, I realize that there isn't an officially blessed YADIS spec yet,  
and it is better practice to only point to official standards,  
instead of to things hashed out on a whiteboard in the meeting last  
Thursday. But I couldn't resist ... ;-)

So far, all the implementation does is make available the  
capabilities document using the X-YADIS-Location HTTP header. It  
lists the capabilities supported there -- seven at last count  
(MinimumLID, LID SSO, LID Post Receiver Profile, Format Negotiation,  
Traversal, LID Post Sender and Relying Party), which are the same  
seven LID profiles currently implemented there.

But in conjunction with the next message -- developer tools -- it may  
help getting the YADIS protocol bootstrapped because there is a real  
live example now to point to. It also helps us to look at each  
other's stuff so we can make these things interoperable, which is  
what we all want.

Code available from  in PHP, Perl and  
Java (same functionality)
Sign-up at for hosted model.

Johannes Ernst
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