[ANN] Python-OpenID 1.0

Kevin Turner kevin at janrain.com
Thu Dec 8 03:26:41 UTC 2005

It is with great pleasure that JanRain, Inc. announces version 1.0 of
the Python OpenID library.  This library contains packages to support
both OpenID consumers (relying parties) and servers.  For back-end
storage, it supports a variety of methods, including flat file, SQL, and

In our own work on making applications OpenID enabled, we've been
reminded that every web framework is different.  For that reason we've
strived to make this library general enough to fit in to any Python web
application.  We also like to think the API is simple to follow.  Let us
know how it works for you.

Home:     http://openidenabled.com/openid/libraries/python
Download: http://openidenabled.com/openid/libraries/python/downloads/
Docs:     http://openidenabled.com/python-openid-docs/1.0.0/

Requires: Python (versions 2.2 through 2.4)

What is this OpenID Thing Anyway?

OpenID is a decentralized identity system that provides authentication
for web applications, i.e. single sign-on for the web.  
See http://openid.net/

If you're interested in OpenID but this library isn't quite what you've
been waiting for for, keep your eye on http://openidenabled.com.
There's more coming.

Share and Enjoy,

 - the OpenID Team at JanRain
   openid at janrain.com

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