December 12 Internet Identity Developer workshop

Eugene Eric Kim eekim at
Thu Dec 8 22:48:30 UTC 2005

There will be an Internet Identity workshop targeting developers next
Monday in SF.  (Invitation attached below.)  YADIS is one of the
topics, and Johannes is one of the folks in the lineup.  It'll be a
good gathering, and I encourage folks to attend.  RSVP at the URL
below if you can make it.


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The Internet Identity Workshop presents an
Informational Morning for Developers
Hosted by Doc Searls, Mary Hodder and Identity Woman Kaliya

Monday, December 12, 2005, 9-12 noon, with lunch from 12-1
Canton Dim Sum, 655 Folsom, San Francisco
Cost $20 for lunch

Canton Restaurant has been kind enough to give us the space if we all
have lunch there, but we need an accurate count by Sunday at noon).

If you are a developer working on a application that has folks login - 
this is a morning for you.

Doc Searls will begin the day giving an overview of the identity 
landscape. He and others will answer the question:

* Why do identity systems matter when building new systems and tools?

We are bringing together a spectrum of folks who have been working on
developing identity systems and tools. Identity Developers will share
their work, basics and best practices to date to get started exploring
integrating identity into these applications. These include YADIS,
LID, Open ID, i-names/XRI, SXIP, among others.

Developers of applications who have included identity into their
services and tools will share briefly how they've done it. Application 
developers will hear from and meet with identity developers to ask

Event Info:
Detailed Agenda:

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