Name and Logo

David Recordon david at
Mon Dec 12 23:38:13 UTC 2005

Cool.  Lets try and figure this out ideally within the next week.   
Since it is needed for the spec for things such as X-YADIS-Location  
as well as the name of packages and such.  What are others thoughts  
on this matter?  We'd like to keep the word "identity" out of the  
name though, since it can be used for other things as well.


On Dec 12, 2005, at 3:55 AM, Josh Hoyt wrote:

> On 12/11/05, David Recordon <david at> wrote:
>> That means we need to figure out this name issue as well though,  
>> since I
>> think most people agree we need a better user facing name.
> Inspired by Martin's comment at
>, I came up with:
> OpenDisco

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