Sxip concerns with YADIS

Kurt Raschke kurt at
Mon Dec 19 22:40:48 UTC 2005

On Dec 19, 2005, at 8:46 AM, Martin Atkins wrote:

> While I'd like to agree with you, once the model changes to everyone
> trampling separately over the LINK REL namespace, what exactly is  
> If everyone's picking their own stuff to add to the HTML HEAD, then  
> the
> model is just "look at the HTML head for the stuff you support", which
> is already possible and indeed widely used to discover RSS feeds  
> and so
> forth.

YADIS would be a way to keep from having "everyone trampling  
separately over the LINK REL namespace"--a way to centralize  
assignment of names for protocols in the LINK REL namespace, just as  
there are systems for DNS, IP address, TCP/IP port numbers, etc.

YADIS would also provide an aegis under which to develop reference  
implementations of the technology.

At the same time it's dead easy to parse--as has been pointed out,  
many of the existing OpenID libraries use regexes to extract data  
from the HTML HEAD.  There's no need for an HTML or XML parser there,  
nor content negotiation.


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