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Great job! I've been buried with other XRI stuff, but got a chance to look
this over today. Three quick questions on the YADIS Resource Descriptor page


1) In 6.3.1, it says a YADIS Service element MUST NOT contain more than one
URI element. Why this restriction? In XRI resolution architecture, the
reason a Service may contain more than one URI element is redundancy, i.e.,
the same reasons you have DNS round-robin. So we specify that if you have
more than one URI element, and the consuming application needs only one, you
select the highest priority URI element. Is there a reason you don't want to
allow this?


2) In 6.3.2, Priority Attribute, you can (if you want) reference the section
of the XRI Resolution spec that specifies priority attribute processing.
(And if it's used with URI elements, this would kill two birds with one


3) In 6.3.6, I suspect that the wording you want in the second line is not
"first" or "all" but "last", i.e., if an XRDS document contains more than
one XRD (as a result of XRI resolution across multiple delegation points,
for example), then the XRD that describes the target resource is the last
one (following XML document order).


Also, 6.4 looks good, and Working Draft 10 should be out by the end of next


Have a great holiday,





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Fellow workers:

I've put YADIS Specification Version 0.71 on the wiki at:

Please have a look.  In particular, at:

The big changes are these: 

*	YADIS Capability Document is now YADIS Resource Descriptor 
*	YADIS Capability Discovery Protocol is now YADIS Protocol 
*	Capability is now Service 

Please comment on the Talk pages:

and so on.  These pages are reached by using the Discussion tab at the top
of the page.

Your, Joaquin

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