Time for feedback

Carl Howells chowells at janrain.com
Wed Dec 28 01:36:23 UTC 2005

I'm a bit uncomfortable with the term "citizen".  The term has two 
disadvantages, from my perspective.

First, it's not the term most people are familiar with.  Most people 
would find the term "user" to be a much more familiar name for that 
party in the process.

Second, "citizen" implies, to me, some sort of intelligence behind the 
request.  If an automated system is using YADIS to look up services, 
calling it a citizen just seems inappropriate.  It's just something 
using the system...  Something I'd like to call a "user."

Carl Howells

Joaquin Miller wrote:
> Fellow workers:
> Best wishes to all people of the Book, Buddhists, pagans, those of other 
> excellent faiths, atheists and all other fine folk celebrating 
> religious, solar, or civil holidays from the dark solstice to the 
> Gregorian, Julian and other nearby calendrical events.
> Time to read and comment on:
> http://yadis.org/wiki/YADIS_Protocol
> http://yadis.org/wiki/YADIS_Resource_Descriptor
> Please.
> Comments through the Discussion tab or by eMail to your editor.
> I will soon make a few changes as already indicated on the Discussion 
> pages, and call that 0.72.
> The links will remain the same now,  until we reach the long awaited and 
> much to be desired 1.0.  Lacking an automatic conversion tool, I will 
> not attempt to make any OpenOffice files before YADIS 1.0.
> Cordially, Joaquin
> p.s. My darling wife and I will leave for the Big Island on 3 January, 
> when it will be to late for you to have any further influence on YADIS 
> 1.0, the famous specification document.

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