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Christopher Granade cgranade at greens.org
Wed Dec 28 05:10:26 UTC 2005

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Unfortunately, I don't know how much that helps with the "intelligence"
issue. Perhaps entity? Or is that term too overloaded with synonyms?
Maybe "party"?

Jaco Aizenman wrote:
> How about "person" instead of "user"...?
> On 12/27/05, Carl Howells <chowells at janrain.com> wrote:
>> I'm a bit uncomfortable with the term "citizen".  The term has two
>> disadvantages, from my perspective.
>> First, it's not the term most people are familiar with.  Most people
>> would find the term "user" to be a much more familiar name for that
>> party in the process.
>> Second, "citizen" implies, to me, some sort of intelligence behind the
>> request.  If an automated system is using YADIS to look up services,
>> calling it a citizen just seems inappropriate.  It's just something
>> using the system...  Something I'd like to call a "user."
>> Carl Howells
>> Joaquin Miller wrote:
>>> Fellow workers:
>>> Best wishes to all people of the Book, Buddhists, pagans, those of other
>>> excellent faiths, atheists and all other fine folk celebrating
>>> religious, solar, or civil holidays from the dark solstice to the
>>> Gregorian, Julian and other nearby calendrical events.
>>> Time to read and comment on:
>>> http://yadis.org/wiki/YADIS_Protocol
>>> http://yadis.org/wiki/YADIS_Resource_Descriptor
>>> Please.
>>> Comments through the Discussion tab or by eMail to your editor.
>>> I will soon make a few changes as already indicated on the Discussion
>>> pages, and call that 0.72.
>>> The links will remain the same now,  until we reach the long awaited and
>>> much to be desired 1.0.  Lacking an automatic conversion tool, I will
>>> not attempt to make any OpenOffice files before YADIS 1.0.
>>> Cordially, Joaquin
>>> p.s. My darling wife and I will leave for the Big Island on 3 January,
>>> when it will be to late for you to have any further influence on YADIS
>>> 1.0, the famous specification document.
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