OpenID in PHP

meepbear * meepbear at
Fri Jul 1 05:53:48 PDT 2005

Since a few people asked, here's my PHP consumer implementation so far. I 
added some additional comments so hopefully you should be able to figure out 
what everything does and what the general flow is.
I'll try to find the time to get the server updated to account for the 
changes in the spec from last week to now and release it as well in case 
anyone is interested.

If you plan to use it as a cheat sheet to compare things to your 
implementation rather than a literal copy/paste of functions, don't worry 
about the license too much :).

I also included my second attempt at a native PHP bigint implementation if 
someone feels inclined to look at it and improve/offer suggestions for 
changes in the algorithms used. It's significantly faster than the first 
version (or not as slow depending on your perspective), but still much too 
slow to deal with numbers as big as DH needs unfortunately.

(List held the initial email with attachments so I resent with links)

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