URL relationship permanence

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On Jul 1, 2005, at 14:29, Martin Atkins wrote:

> Ernst Johannes wrote:
>> a) Some people would argue that site B has no business attempting  
>> to  correlate information it has with site A about a particular  
>> user.  (Kim's 4th law of identity see http://www.identityblog.com/ 
>> stories/ 2005/05/13/TheLawsOfIdentity.html) And thus, they would  
>> argue, the  inability of site B to tell just by looking at the  
>> identifier (the  user's LID URL) is just fine.
> What you've done here is just ignored a major use case for (I  
> assume) both of our systems because it doesn't fit with your argument.

If you say so, but you quoted only the a) from by a) + b) response.

> One of the problems OpenID addresses is that when a user comments  
> on multiple sites with the same name, there is no way to be sure  
> that the "Jim" on slashdot is the same "Jim" that posts on Bob's  
> weblog.

I understand that, and I argued, in a) and b)
a) part of the world would say "this is a feature not a bug"
b) if you are a member of the other part of the world and you'd like  
to do this, you use the public key as I outlined to validate the  
creator of any piece of content that was put there, which you can do  
in LID because you have access to the LID owner's public key. (which  
creates a lot of possibilities, this one included ...)

If you feel I'm still not getting what you are trying to say, feel  
free to ignore me and leave it at this ;-)

Johannes Ernst
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