Python OpenID

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Fri Jul 1 18:49:00 PDT 2005

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 04:42:01PM -0700, Brian Ellin wrote:
> Python OpenID library now available!
> Version 0.0.1 includes up-to-spec server and consumer libraries, and
> fully functional example systems.
> Homepage, wiki, and download:

What is exutil? I can't find it anywhere.

troy at talia:/scratch/troy/openid/Python-OpenID-0.0.1$ python2.4
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 11, in ?
    import exutil
ImportError: No module named exutil

Also, is there any reasonable way I could use apache with this so I can
use apache auth modules?

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