InsaneJournal OpenID bug?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed Jul 6 00:04:35 PDT 2005

That's an InsaneJournal bug.  They're using the old LJ APIs, asking for
the user object's "username", not "display name".  And OpenID users don't
have usernames, so the LJ code fakes a username for old callers.  So
what's happening is that, on InsaneJournal, your
identity is actually user "ext_23".  But not on LJ... just on

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Kyle Mulka wrote:

> Hopefully this is the right place to report bugs. If not, please point
> me in the right direction. I just logged on with my LiveJournal identity
> to InsaneJournal, and it tells me that my username is ext_23, which
> doesn't even exist. My identity is currently ""
> which is delegated to "" via the
> html link tag openid.delegate.
> --
> Kyle Mulka
> Computer Science in Engineering
> University of Michigan

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