Killing time

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun Jul 10 11:09:17 PDT 2005


On Sun, 10 Jul 2005, Kristopher Tate wrote:

> I suppose it's how you look at what is boolean. "True"/"False" are
> booleans, except it doesn't really matter in that we're casting most of
> this into strings. I guess "true" or "false" will be best for that
> reason.
> But, umm, what is/will be the standard for this? Will they be
> capitalized, all caps, or all lower-case? I tried looking through some
> RFCs; 971 was one of the first to pop-up on google, but didn't really
> say too much.
> -Kris
> On 2005/07/10, at 10:42 AM, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> > Plus true/false is very clearly a boolean, and not an integer value.

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