Killing time

paul at paul at
Sun Jul 10 14:16:20 PDT 2005

> Paul,
> Here's a draft:
> Once I get your approval, and nobody else objects, I'll copy that to the
> real specs.bml page.

This is all fine.  Just a minor quibble on how we spec backwards

(*) Even though we don't use version numbers in the protocol, we should
give versions of the protocol numbers for our own reference.  Here on the
list we were referring to the old version as version 0 and the new as
version 1, so I guess that was version 1.0 and this is version 1.1.

(*) We should handle discussion of backwards compatibility simply by
providing a link to the 1.0 version of the protocol and saying
"Participants MAY include extra headers to retain compatibility with
earlier protocol versions".  We have to take backwards compatibility a bit
more seriously than last time because there are more OpenID users than
before, but we're still at a stage where participants which are a long way
out of date can expect to stop working.

(*) Then we don't need to include the full text of what the fields used to
do, though including them struck out with text saying "deprecated in this
version" would probably be good.

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