Ruby Consumer module

Mark Quinn quinnm at
Mon Jul 11 11:25:46 PDT 2005

Hey there everybody,
    Despite the coming changes in the protocol, I decided to push out a 
version of my Ruby module (currently consumer only) to play with. You 
can grab a copy using gem from the rubyforge gem repository (gem install 
openid, the gem uses rake, so you may need to gem install rake first). 
You can also grab a copy of the gem or source from
    (There are, unfortunately, a couple of dependencies not available as 
gems, which must be installed manually. They're listed in the readme)
    This still needs some work, so there may be some rough edges (or 
internals?), but even after the protocol changes the interface shouldn't 
change much. Feel free to send me any problems or suggestions you have, 
about interface, features, or whatnot.

    Mark Quinn

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