redirects on openid identities

Rev. Jeffrey Paul sneak at
Wed Jul 13 19:22:08 PDT 2005

My first issue is the requirement of a trailing slash on OpenID identity
urls.  When a user enters a url, there's no way of knowing if there is a
trailing slash required - an issue when a consumer tries to convert it
into the canonical form, as required by the spec. is the convention - yes.  But what of (which is the w3c
recommendation for url formats)?  What about ? When should a consumer
append a slash and not?  Personally, I think the servers should be
smarter.  Requiring the trailing slash is unnecessarily picky, and
creates an unsolvable problem for consumers.

My primary issue is along the same lines.  If I try to validate, the fetch of the link tags gets
redirected to  My consumer then uses
the server specified within, and it gets denied as being an identity
that 'user' can't provide.  If I specify the identity
'', it works fine.

Should the identity provided to the server be the url after any/all
redirections, or should the server be smarter?  Personally, as
"" is a valid LJ address, I consider
this to be a bug in the LJ server implementation, but I can see the
other side, too.

The issue this raises is an ambiguity to the consumer - is the _real_ id
the (valid) one the user entered, or is it the result of the redirects?


PS: My apologies if this is a little hard to follow - I've caught a cold
and DayQuil is having some fun with my brain.

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