Another dumb-mode PHP consumer demo

Carl Howells chowells at
Tue Jul 19 09:55:53 PDT 2005

Alan J Castonguay wrote:
> Replaced stupid 'always-add-trailing-/' kludge with proper url regex,
> so urls with a path component arn't fudged. Now not mangling query
> string in openid.server url before handing it off to HTTP_Request.
> Tests indicate POST & querystrings work fine:
> I entered as the identity url, and was
> redirected to the following location, presented with "OpenID Trust
> Verification"/login/"Trust with your
> identity?":
> Which is, as far as I can tell, what /should/ be happening. Please
> give it another shot, Carl.

Well, one out of three cases that I tried are working correctly now. 
The identities I tried:

Only the second identity worked.  In the first case, it seems that 
adding "http://" confused whatever parsing you were doing.  The third 
case uses delegation to the second identity and the correct identity 
server url.  It gave the same error as the first case.


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