openid implementation in c++

Michael Krelin hacker at
Tue Jul 19 13:23:51 PDT 2005


I do not really expect anyone to use c++ as a web development language,
but since there is at least one weirdo (that's me, of course), there
should be also at least one c++ implementation.

So, I've put together a c++ library with both server and consumer
support. At this point the library is only available as a public
subversion repository available at
but I will put the page for it soon. Requires mimetic mime support
library, curl for network operations and openssl. For each requirement
missing the configure script give the URL where one can get it from.

You can try to get consumed at
(no, there's no guestbook, yet, it just checks your identity and stores
it with the session).

Once again, I do not expect people to use it, but still, yet another
piece of code available may server a reference for the implmentors.

If some will actually make use of it, I'd be glad to hear. I am open to
suggestions too.


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