OpenID & LID in a passel-world

jay jay at
Mon Jul 25 07:17:22 PDT 2005

Xageroth Sekarius wrote:

>There will never be (nor should there ever be) one identity system to
>rule them all.
>OpenID and LID will remain relevant so long as they remain the best at
>their respective approaches to identity. Same goes for Passel.
>Just my humble opinion. I think dreams of an identity system
>dominating the world should have died with Passport.

I'm not so sure about that.  It's great that there is a data transport 
protocol that we can all agree on to move web pages around the 
internet.  Same goes for mail (this isn't an argument for how good these 
protocols are :) and tcp/ip itself (itselves?).

I don't want to have several different identities so that I can be sure 
I can identify myself on every site, I want one that works everywhere, 
just like my web browser works everywhere.

Following your argument, it's perfectly okay that microsoft uses their 
own sort of html, css and javascript, instead of complying with web 

We need to eventually agree on one and go with it.

My two cents,
Jay K

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