PHP Question

meepbear * meepbear at
Fri Jul 29 03:06:34 PDT 2005

>I am in the early stages of looking at doing an OpenID consumer &
>server within a robust PHP framework, named PHk. I guess I was
>wondering if anyone on this list has an idea of the best way to
>approach OpenID via PHP.

If you check the archives you should find a link to a release of my PHP 
consumer and server. It's a few revisions out of sync with the current 
version but if you're starting from scratch that shouldn't really matter.

If you check the archive for Taral there will be a link to a procedural PHP 
implementation of an OpenID server as well.

My choice was to implement DH through any of three supported big integer 
libraries and I believe Taral made the choice to delegate it to a Perl 
module. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages so you'll need to 
determine which is more fitting for your project.
On the consumer side, the only other requirement is an HTTP client. If you 
can rely on libCURL being there then it's the better choice, otherwise 
you'll have to implement one yourself or go with an existing one.

Other than that it could help to skim through the archive for the last month 
and make sure to check your consumer and server for some of the possible 

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